Surf Our Swell Surf Decor Inspired By Surf, Sun and Fun

Check out our swell surf decor! The Surf Room has been making quality surf decor & beach inspired home decor since 2004. We continue to design unique surf decor like our Wave Stripe Surfboard ShelfIsland Hibiscus Ceiling Fan Blades, California Surfing Surfboard lamp, Surf & Sun Surfboard Sign and Aloha Tiki Personalized Surfboard Sign. Create the ultimate surfer room with a surfboard bed and add surf accents like a surfboard lamp, surfer rug, surfboard picture frames. Stay cool with a awesome surfboard ceiling fan. Our surfboard ceiling fan blades are shaped like surfboards and available in several surfboard fan blade designs. Personalize your child’s surfer bedroom or beach themed bedroom with a personalized surfboard sign or surfboard growth chart. Add a splash of color to your walls with surf art from our variety of wood surfboard signs, metal beach signs, surfboard frames and surfboard decorations and cute surf art for a child’s nursery.

Featured Surf Decor & Beach Inspired Home Decor

New Surf Decor & Beach Inspired Home Decor

article-image2Bring The Beach & Surfing To Your Home

Catch our wave and start decorating today! Surf our big variety of surf decor and surfboard decorations for creating a endless summer surfer bedroom, bathroom, office or child’s nursery.

Our passion for surfing continues everyday by creating new surf inspired home decor and surfboard furniture for decorating your whole home. We believe the next best thing to riding a wave is living the surfing lifestyle by bringing the surf & beach inside your home by decorating your bedroom, bathroom and office with cool surf decor & beach inspired home decor. Most of our surf decor and surfboard furniture is designed and manufactured by us surfers here at The Surf Room.


Our custom surf decor includes surfboard shelves, wood surfboard signs, surf art, surfboard lamps, surfboard step tools, surfboard beds, surfboard ceiling fan blades, and personalized surfboard signs. Light up your room with a surfboard lamp or cool off with a surfboard ceiling fan. Add a wave of color and function to your walls with a surfboard shelf, metal surf signs, wood beach signs, surfboard signs and surfboard picture frames.