Return Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in the quality of our products and take all measures to assure orders are packaged and shipped in good condition. However, If you’re not completely satisfied with a product you purchased from us, please let us know.

Return Policy

You may return items for a full refund minus any shipping charges within 15 days of the receipt date. All returns must be in original packaging and in retail condition. Defective merchandise may be exchanged for the same item. All returned products must accompany a RA# (Return Authorization). To obtain an RA#, please click here to contact us.

Include the following information in your email:

  • The full name of purchaser
  • The order id number
  • Brief product description, and the reason for returning the product

Once you have received your RA# from our sales department, ship the product back to us. All returned packages must have the RA# clearly written on the outside of box. All return shipping charges must be prepaid by customer. We cannot accept C.O.D. deliveries. Please use a shipping company, such as UPS or FedEx, which can track packages. If it’s more convenient, you may ship packages using USPS (Postal Service). We are not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. When your return has been received and processed, we will credit your account within 3-5 days for the amount of your purchase, less shipping, handling, and any applicable tariffs and taxes. If the product was purchased by a credit card, any credit to your account will appear on your credit card statement as Aloha. For those paying via check or bank transfer, a check will be cut and mailed to you.


If you have questions regarding any of our policies, please Contact Us.